Re: Problems with exporting UML diagrams to EPS under Win2K?

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Steffen Macke wrote:

When I export UML diagrams from dia as EPS files, and use them
in LaTeX with the graphicx package (though I think how I use
them is actually irrelevant), they render badly --- some of the
text, particularly the italic text, exceeds the boundaries of
the boxes.

I am using Dia under Windows 2000, if this is relevant.

I think the text bounding box is very much improved in the
current CVS version. For the UML classes it seems to be very much
on the save side now.

Unfortunately there's no version of dia under windows available
right now that contains this code (AFAIK).

If you have access to a Linux box and are able to compile the CVS version
of dia there, you could convert your diagrams there.

If it's a one-time thing you could also send me the files for conversion.

I do (or rather will) have access to a Linux machine. I'll try
that: thanks. It's not really one-time: I need to do this

Does anyone know when the next release of dia will be (either
on Windows or Linux?) I don't like tinkering with CVS! (though
dia seems so good in general that I'll give it a go this once).


Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew new-destiny co uk

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