Idea: adding hyperlinks to diagrams


I think that it would be a very interresting feature.
I'd like to present my idea, which hopefully will inspire you, developers.

You would be able to set "link" property of an object as a path to
a different diagram. Then when you chose "go" in the context-menu for
that object, the other diagram would appear on the screen.
Then you could just click "back" (let's say in View menu).

This would be very useful to make hierarhical diagrams,
ie nested UML state diagrams, flowcharts and to present
them to some other people in a comfortable way.

I wonder if it would be hard to implement. I realize, that it probably would
require a new, special navigator object, responsible for providing user with
the ways to browse through diagrams. It looks like a huge task.
But initially, each diagram could open itself in a new window,
without possibility to return to the previous one.

I wonder if you like this idea. I would be amazed if there was someone,
that would implement this feature. If not, maybe you could give me advice
how to
do it on my own?

Przemek Pokrywka


Tego nie znajdziesz w zadnym sklepie!
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