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I'm not a developer, so I can't help you with your RFEs.  But I can tell you where to file them.  Dia uses 
the Gnome Bugzilla at  On the Query or Submit page, just specify dia in the product list.

Rob Campbell
rob campbell visto com

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On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Alexander Larsson wrote:

I got this to my private address. Forwarding to list.

ooohhh ... list traffic.  Have I got questions.  I have
reviewed the FAQ and the websites listed below, and have a
couple of questions.


I've been running dia-0.88 and love it -- but there are always
'nits'.  I looked for a Bugzilla to file a crash I had, and
for filing RFE's both at
and ... I have
probably overlooked some obvious link, but that's never
stopped me from making mistakes before.  <smile>

RFE 1.  On the crash, I left it running for 48 hr when I was
called unexpectedly away from the office, and upon returning,
as I went to use it, it cored.  Implies a memory leak in some
event loop.  No big deal.  I should have saved before walking

But then, I thought, programs are supposed to protect their
users; why _not_ have the program commit a well-known named
temporary file (.dia-backup.N) for open drawings every N
minutes (configurable), and remove it/them when a Save, a
SaveAs, or an Exit discarding changes is taken.

Upon starting, check for that well known name (possibly
suffixed 1 through M if multiple drawings were open at crash),
and left behind.  Word Perfect 5.1 (geez - ten years ago) was
smart enough to protect its users.

... and if found offer to re-cover by opening them; if
declined, discard them.

RFE 2.  The alignment of 'connection links' is tough for me --
I am over 40, and my eyes and hands are starting to be not as
sharp as they once were.

Can a feature be added to cause the available 'target'
connection points 'light up' within a given radius (or easier
to code +/- h+v box around the dragged end) of pixel's as an
endpoint is dragged near them?  Dragging connection wiring on
a schematic, with a faint target is too touchy for me to do

RFE 2a.  It would be neat if the 'nearest' one was 'magnetic'
when, say, a Shift key was pressed and the interior mouse
button released, as well.  Sort of a 'snap to' for linking.

RFE 3.  Default paper paper preference options.  For the life
of me, I cannot not see how to set it as a global Dia option
[i.e., letter, portrait] so that it does not need to be re-set
at the start of each drawing.  Could one exist or be more

RFE 4.  _Is_ there a Bugzilla?  My particular thought is that
it might also be used for submitting custom shapes with the
file upload tool, as well.  The doco at is a
bit unclear on the procedure for submitting a collection.

Also, the op-amp in the electric component shapes is 'upside
down' with the + input on top, as I code with OpAmps, and
reverse from the Don Lancaster work on the subject -- probably
20 years old by now, but the one I 'cut my teeth' with.

-- Russ Herrold

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