Re: dia Win32 0.89 installer

So should bugs found in the 0.89 release candidates be reported just here
and not in Bugzilla?  I have not, for isntance, recorded the menu bar bug
that I found in Bugzilla.

Please use bugzilla and activate the "win32" component if you want to report
bugs for Win32 - Thank You.

Perhaps I should have mentioned it in my mail explicitly:
The installer is just for testing - it's not the actual release! 
My problem is that I could only change the version numbers on the installer,
as Hans is doing the actual built - if somebody reports a bug, usually he 
won't report the version of the installer...
The check for an old install I had to introduce because some files from an 
old install would cause warning messages on application startup if they're 
not removed. As Cyrille noticed, the check is very simple, it just looks for 
a registry entry for HKCR\diaFile. I'm not quite happy with this 
(Uninstalling worked for me...) I see some possible alternatives:
* Have the Uninstaller remove the problematic files
* Have the Uninstaller remove any old dia installation 
* Leave as is, provide additional information on manual uninstallation
What do you think?


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