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Wow, perhaps using the XSTL to convert Visio XML documents to Dia documents and visa versa. Only problem would be the shapes. Since they are not exactly the same, documents would look different between Visio and Dia. Well it is a start. As for well-formedness (is that a word?) any data between tags are considered CDATA (Character data) so binary keys would be legal if they were between open and closed tags. However if they are outside then that would mess up any legit parser.

What do you think they are there for? Microsoft's embrace and extend? "Look we have an open data format. Oh did we forget to mention that we place encrypted, copywrighted, data in there too? Sorry our fault, now please sign this license agreement..." Hehe ;-)


ATWOOD,JOHN (HP-Corvallis,ex1) wrote:

I see that Visio 2002 can save a document as XML. What would be involved in
importing such a document to Dia?
I'm naively thinking that it could be a fairly simple process of tag
renaming, unit conversion, and document restructuring.
Attached is a sample XML created by Visio 2002.   One odd thing about it is
the binary "key" outside of any tags; is this well-formed XML?

On second thought, I won't attach the file,  where's a good place to put it?

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