Re: Proposed plugin: Export via XSLT!

Le sam, sep 08, 2001, à 04:17:57 -0700, Bret Mogilefsky a écrit:

This looks like a good first project for me to learn a whole bunch of
stuff... Before I start working on this, I wanted to know if anyone else is
already doing it (looks like no from the CVS tree).  At the moment I'm
planning to throw it together using libxslt. I assume there's no problem
adding that lib since Dia already depends on libxml... 

Since dia's native file format is based on XML (until 0.89 is out, it's not 
really XML because of a mishandling of charset encoding), perhaps your
generator may be prototyped as a standalone XSLT processor (ie, give it a
dia file and an XSL sheet, and it spits out some output) ? (it's my total
ignorant's understanding of how XSL/XSLT is supposed to work). 

Also, not being in dia proper right now would give you an interesting
freedom: the freedom to use libxml2 instead of the broken dead code we
have to stick to for the moment. 

Of course, if that XSL approach proves workable, better integration through a
dia export plug-in won't be really difficult (it would also rock to use the
same approach to handle import as well...) and will be highly desirable. 

        -- Cyrille


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