Without DISPLAY ...

Hi !

I am using DIA (together with TeX and XFIG) to draw the needed
drawings for my master. I am using a Makefile to build the whole paper
and I have defined a rule that is using the "-e" and "--no-splash"
option to automagically build an .eps file from a .dia file.

This works very nicely when I use it locally. But as soon as I am
logged in remotely without a DISPLAY-Variable set, DIA stops working,
complaining about it.

I think that when dia is started without splash-screen and with "-e",
then it should not complain about not having a display ... or am I
wrong here ? Will it be fixed in one of the next releases ?


Dr. Swen Kiesewetter-Köbinger (Bundestagsausschuss "Neue Medien"):
"Dass Patente auf Software die Gewinnerwartung erhöhen und damit die
erfinderische Tätigkeit anspornen, würde ich verneinen."

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