Re: test release of dia-0.89

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Steffen Macke wrote:


configure complained that I have libxml and libxml2 installed and that I have
to choose one of them. Do I actually have to uninstall one of them?
As I didn't find a configure switch for this, I tried to add

Hmm.  I will get it to select libxml1 in this case.  That is a better
option than bombing out.

just before the test line in configure. This did it for configure,  but on
running make, I get:

../lib/libdia.a(dia_xml.o): In function `xmlDoParseFile':
/home/sdteffen/src/dia-0.89/lib/dia_xml.c:193: undefined reference to

You will probably need a newer version of libxml.  I believe that this
function was added in 1.8.13 or 1.8.14 (I think).  Will modify the
configure checks to require the later version.


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