test release of dia-0.89

There is a testing release of dia-0.89 available at:

Please give this tarball a bit of testing, and if there are any obvious
build problems, please post about them.

The tarball was built using the following tools:
  xml-i18n-tools-(whatever's in CVS)

The tarball doesn't quite pass "make distcheck", but it should be okay (it
fails during the test "make dist" stage in the po/ directory where the
source dir is readonly).

The documentation build issues with the previous release `should' be fixed
now.  It is necessary to pass the --enable-db2html configure argument in
order to enable documentation rebuilding.  Note that the autogen.sh script
has been updated to pass this automatically so that builds from CVS will
have documentation.

With any luck, the final release should be in a few days (there will
probably be a few bugfixes and translation updates in the final tarball).


Email: james daa com au
WWW:   http://www.daa.com.au/~james/

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