Re: Scaling in LaTeX

On 15 Jun 2001, Benoit Pelletier wrote:

I tried both and it works.  I was a bit surprised that #1 worked, I
thought \include was like concatenating the file at the point of
insertion.  It turns out that we should use \input instead.

Right. \include is not a simple \input.

The problem I have now is with the bounding box and the equations.  The
equations can be quite long and the bounding box is chosen as to fit the
equation command text and not the actual equation.

I must say I do not really understand this problem.
Please send me the sample dia file.

Furthermore, it seems that there is a problem with equation and fonts in
general; they are way too small on the graphic.

This is indeed true. This is exactly the same problem which
was noted by Kostas a few days ago.

The reason is the set_font function in pstricks output plug-in is
not yet implemented. I wanted to do it in an elegant way
and I simply did not know how and had no time to investigate that
so I left \setfont macro in the exported code.

If you know how to match font names and sizes in TeX, let me know
or write set_font function yourself (Kostas is also looking into it).

Best Regards,


P.S. Currently I am in Italy so my response may not be immediate.

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