Re: Shapes layout proposal

Le mar, jun 12, 2001, à 03:59:25 +0100, John Palmieri a écrit:

While this doesn't answer all layout questions it seems like a good
start to getting rid of hard coded shapes (I'm thinking of UML) and
                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^
pushing dia to become a pretty nifty frontend/widget for a wide range of
development tools.

You're not actually saying that C-coded objects are evil, aren't you ? 

C coded objects aren't "hard coded". A simple recompile and their behaviour
is changed...

Really, designing a DTD complex enough to totally describe the behaviour of
all the objects we have (remember we don't have just UML... unless you can
make a chronoline out of XML stuff, I'm not sure I'll like all the
complexity your system looks like it'll bring) and then designing the XML
representation of these objects might prove to bring a result much more
complex than a simple (shapes for easy stuff ; C for more complex stuff)
dichotomy (however, enhancing the properties code to encompass UML Classes
is certainly a good thing to do. While keeping old files readable...).

Oh well. Maybe you'll make me eat my words one day. That'll be an
interesting thing to watch, anyway.

        -- Cyrille


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