Re: GTK+ 2.0 widget for dia

Hi all.

I've just read one mail about the dia port to gtk+2.0 and later, gnome
I have taken over the dia-newcanvas widget that was initiated by james
henstridge. The widget is under developement but can be usefull
for dia.


I've been working on a split-off of the dia-newcanvas myself for a while
now. I've been a bit busy, so my reaction is kinda late ;-(...

I have implemented a bunch of extra functionality wrt to dia-newcanvas
module in GNOME CVS. This includes:
- handles, nice semi-transparent handles
- Shapes: the render engine is kinda limited if you want to do multiple
objects on a DiaCanvasView IMHO. Shapes are an abstract representation
in canvas item units, relative to the canvas.
- Makes use of LibArt features: shapes can be rotated, sheared, moved
etc. by using LibArt's affine transformation methods (although they are
not directly called).
- connection between objects is something I'm working on. I'm working on
a solution that makes it no longer nessesary to use connection points
(although the can be used). I'm intending to use the Cassowary library
for that.

I phased out the rendering part of Dia-newcanvas and use GnomeCanvas
instead, this speeded by development. I try to make the interface alike
GnomeCanvas, which will lower the learning curve.

I called it DiaCanvas2 since I created the DiaCanvas library about a few
years ago... Please take a look at

Which way it will work out, we should at least join forces...



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