ANNOUNCE: DiaCanvas2 0.4.1

Hello everyone, 

The stability of DiaCanvas2 is steadily increasing... 

DiaCanvas2 is a full featured widget for creating diagrams. DiaCanvas2
is GTK-2.0 based. It is model/view/controller based, so you can create
multiple views representing the same actual diagram. It uses GnomeCanvas
for its visualization purposes (anti-aliasing!). All objects are freely
transformable and objects can connect to each other. 

Currently the following shapes can be drawn: 
- Line like shapes (lines, polygons, rectangles) 
- Ellipses and cirles 
- Text (does even look nice when you zoom in) (Pango) 
- Bitmap images (GdkPixmap) 

The package contains a nice example program that demonstrates its usage.

Enhancements in 0.4.1: 
- Undo/redo functionality is better, especially for lines and
- Lines are drawn okay now, without the flickering rectangles... 
- Documentation is upgraded. Lots of typos are fixed. 
- Code is upgraded to the latest GLib standards (only include

You need a recent Gnome2 development snapshot in order to build and use



Note: DiaCanvas2 is not related to DIA, except for its look and feel...

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