Re: Introducing GNOME in Brazil

El jue, 24-06-2010 a las 11:41 -0500, Brian Cameron escribió:

> Is very interesting what you tell us. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay, and
> I see some changes toward free software but they are very slowly.

What changes do you see?  What do you think could be done to help speed


> -------------------------------

Well, in example, primary and high school is migrating to GNU/Linux but in most of Estate agencies they're all using privative software. 
I find weird that in public course of computing sciences they dedicate 2 years (is a three years career)  to GNU/Linux but all along the career, in ALL of the computers is Windows what is installed.  So, how can we learn about a thing that we almost don't use?
Other thing is university.  The first Linux generations  (coming from public high schools)  are starting university in this years.  They find that the computers they have to use are in Windows, not Linux.  Usually they feel that somebody is poking fun to them.  And I think to myself, so, what for they migrate primary and high schools?  To save a bunch of dollars?  O for phillosophy and educational causes?  If the answer is "saving money",  I think they are mistaken everything.
Just some ideas.

Sorry for my english if it's not very well


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