GNOME 43.alpha tarball deadline extended

Hi developers,

TL;DR: tarball deadline for 43.alpha is extended by one week to Saturday, July 9. Tarball deadline for 42.3 and 41.8 remains tomorrow, July 2.

GNOME 43 is currently in bad shape for a couple reasons:

* The freedesktop-sdk 22.08 update that landed yesterday broke glibc due to the removal of libpthread. A fixed version of freedesktop-sdk is available, but in the meantime, many applications' CI pipelines are failing.

* geocode-glib bumped API version yesterday when built with libsoup 3 enabled. Apps that previously would have crashed at runtime -- including Maps and Photos -- now fail to build. Most things that depend on geoclue-glib are broken. Also, Vala bindings are required but not available yet.

We cannot release a runtime that fixes the first problem because we cannot build the runtime due to the second problem. We could hold back geocode-glib, but don't really want to because having a separate API version for libsoup 3 is very helpful: build failures are better than crashes at runtime, after all. So we will take an extra week to try to sort through this.


If your application depends on libgweather, librest-1.0, or libosinfo, including if your application depends on any library that depends on these, including evolution-data-server and gnome-online-accounts: you MUST port to libsoup 3 immediately. Your application will crash until ported. These libraries do not have separate API versions for libsoup 2 vs. libsoup 3, so all applications must be ported at the same time: last week. Release team will not notice if your app is crashing. All we do is make sure that it builds.


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