GNOME 3.9.5 Development Release

GNOMEtters & GNOMErs,

the latest development update before our planned freezes and beta
release for GNOME 3.1o is finally available.

I know, better and bigger things are now happening in Brno, but allow
me to introduce you one or two changes.
This is the first release including GStreamer 1.1 with feature
additions for the API and ABI of our favourite multimedia framework.
We have an updated geolocalization framework, with a rewritten
geocode-glib and the initial release of geoclue2 too. This means...
Yes, GNOME Maps is finally available for your pleasure and testing.
Other noticeable changes include support to RFKill for Linux systems,
no more password prompt for Google calendars, redesign for Universal
Access panel in System Settings and the ability for all your mortal
beings to win a GNOME chess game ;-)

More details about all changes and news are available here:

  * core:
  * apps:

The GNOME 3.9.5 release itself is available here:

  * core sources:
  * apps sources:

JHBuild moduleset to compile GNOME 3.9.5 by hand are available here:


Next stop mark is August 22, with our beta release.


This release is a snapshot of early development code. Although it is
buildable and usable, it is primarily intended for testing and hacking
purposes. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development

For more information about 3.9, the full schedule, the official module
lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colourful 3.9

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see


Happy coding and testing,
Luca, in the behalf or release team.

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