release-team-lurkers: for people who can read and not respond

The release-team mailing list is intended for private discussions
between release-team members. It should not be interesting as anything
that is important, we'll either announce or bring to an appropriate
mailing list.

The release-team was not open for subscribing for 2 reasons:
1. We want to discuss things amongst ourselves, not immediately already
have replies from non-release team members
2. We should take discussions to appropriate mailing lists; we don't
want to create any need for anyone to be on this mailing list

As we noticed that people still wanted to subscribe to the release-team
list, we've setup a release-team-lurkers mailing list as a test.

If you wanted to follow and can *refrain* from taking part in
discussions, subscribe to above list and you'll get a copy of all
release-team emails.

The archives will remain at:

Note that release-team-lurkers is a test. We will remove the entire
mailing list if we think it has a bad effect.

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