.htaccess usage on people.gnome.org

Read this if you're using: people.gnome.org/~username or you're
receiving this via bcc.

Note: people.gnome.org/~username can be created if for some reason
you have a shell account.

The people.gnome.org site will soon move from the existing machine
(window) to the webapps VM. To restrict the amount of scripts which run
on the new VM, I've limited the options which can be used within
.htaccess files.

This e.g. will affect anything which uses PHP.

For those who care, the AllowOverride has been set to 
  AuthConfig Indexes Limit Options

Meaning: FileInfo is *not* allowed anymore. This affects the following:
|    Allow use of the directives controlling document types (DefaultType,
|    ErrorDocument, ForceType, LanguagePriority, SetHandler,
|    SetInputFilter, SetOutputFilter, and mod_mime Add* and Remove*
|    directives, etc.), document meta data (Header, RequestHeader,
|    SetEnvIf, SetEnvIfNoCase, BrowserMatch, CookieExpires, CookieDomain,
|    CookieStyle, CookieTracking, CookieName), mod_rewrite directives
|    RewriteEngine, RewriteOptions, RewriteBase, RewriteCond,
|    RewriteRule) and Action from mod_actions. 

If you're affected by this configuration change, please file a bug
detailing your needs at:
alternatively (if you expect a lot of discussion), send an email to:
  gnome-infrastructure gnome org (public mailing list)

The following users have a .htaccess file in their ~/public_html. I
haven't checked the impact of the change! All affected users have been
bcc'ed.. hopefully your email addresses are up to date with
accounts gnome org :)

      3 aldug
      5 behdad
     16 bratsche
      2 calum
      1 chovey
      1 chpe
      4 clarkbw
      2 cneumair
      1 daniellem
      1 fcrozat
     14 federico
      2 fherrera
      3 gicmo
      1 gman
      1 gpastore
      1 gpoo
      1 jamesh
      1 jamin
      1 jdub
      1 jody
      2 johan
      2 kbrae
      2 kmaraas
      2 laca
      1 lcolitti
      1 louie
      1 lucasr
      1 marco
      2 mariano
      3 markmc
      1 martink
      1 msw
      1 newren
      1 nlevitt
      1 otaylor
      2 readams
      1 sbacher
      1 sebp
      4 seth
     22 shaunm
      3 sopwith
      1 teuf
      3 tvachon
      1 tvb
      1 uraeus
      1 veillard
      1 vuntz


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