Closing of support gnome org

There are various ways to contact the sysadmin team

1. Bugzilla
   For specific issues that should be fixed. Bugs can be hidden if
   needed. Not for meant for discussions!
2. gnome-infrastructure gnome org
   Public mailing list. For public discussions. Also receives a copy of
   the publicly visible sysadmin bugs.
3. gnome-sysadmin gnome org
   Private mailing list. This receives a *lot* of log output as well;
   not every email might be read.

The following has been discontinued:
4. support gnome org, helpdesk gnome org, etc
   Uses Request Tracker 3 on the background. Receives loads of spam and
   non-sysadmin related requests (distribution problems, jhbuild, etc).

Instead of support gnome org, use one of the 3 options given above.
Bugzilla is preferred for specific issues, after that
gnome-infrastructure, lastly gnome-sysadmin.

accounts gnome org is still active.


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