Change: 2.30 Module proposal period starts August 10th

In its last meeting the release-team decided to have an EARLIER module
proposal period for GNOME 2.30/3.0.

The new dates are:

Aug 10   (Sep 07)   Start of module proposal period for 2.30
Oct 26    same      GNOME 2.29.1
Oct 26   (Nov 16)   End of module proposal period for 2.30
Oct 26   (Dec 02)   Discussions head up
Nov  2   (Dec 09)   Release-Team decides
Nov  9   (Dec 14)   Module freeze
Nov 18    same      GNOME 2.29.2

Having an earlier period will probably be kept for the future. and the ical file for 2.28 at have been updated
accordingly (the latter will be pushed in a few hours).

For general information on proposing modules for GNOME inclusion see .

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