GNOME Roadmap - Information request has been sent

Hi all,

As part of our roadmap process, we have just sent the roadmap
information requests to all module maintainers and developers. If you
are a maintainer/developer of a GNOME official module and haven't
received the cited message, just let us know about which modules we've

As usual, as soon as we have a first draft of the GNOME 2.26 roadmap,
we'll heat up some discussions in desktop-devel-list about this and
the future stable releases of GNOME in order to get feeback about the
roadmap, discuss about potential cross-module plans, and so on.

This is also a request to share the ideas you have on GNOME 3, both
GNOME-wide and wrt the modules you maintain.

You can keep track of the roadmapping process for all modules at:

For more information about the roadmap process, go to:

For more information about our schedule, go to:

And here is a copy of the mail sent to all module maintainers and

Dear module maintainer,

GNOME 2.24 got released a bit more than a month ago and we all started
looking forward for the next releases; looking forward so much that we
would actually love to know your plans, get to to
update your roadmap page now.

They are listed at ; tell us
about your plans for 2.26.

But there is a twist this time, we want to plan further than the next
six months: we want to define the major goals for the next two years,
as the community is willing to implement fresh/innovative ideas that
improves GNOME's user experience.

Two major ideas came out from the UI hackfest, a new desktop shell and
file management revamping, we believe those are exciting ideas as an
initial effort to define our 3.0 release.  But *YOU* are those who
make GNOME, and we want to read about your ideas.

You will be right thinking two years is a long time, you will also be
right thinking it is a short time, you know best what can be achieved
in such a time frame, so think about the overall user experience, be
free to "break" the current UI (if that brings improvements to our
users, obviously).

That's it, think over it, discuss it with friends, other developers,
the various teams, usability, art, and tell us all you want about it
in the RoadMap pages.  It is very important, as it will also be used
for our release notes and the press coverage of our next release.

Could you do this for December the 4th?


        Frederic, for the Roadmap Gang

PS: is a template you can
    copy/paste for your module.

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