New chief maintainer for gcalctool.

Starting with GNOME 2.23, Robert Ancell will be taking over
as the chief maintainer of gcalctool, the default calculator
that comes with the GNOME distribution.

For GNOME 2.22, Robert did an excellent job of converting
the gcalctool UI to use Glade, becoming intimately familiar
with the code in the process. Since then he has continued
to support gcalctool, and I thank him for his time and

I know he has lots of great ideas for future work too.

I will still be around to make sure that the transition is as
smooth as possible and to occasionally provide a bug fix or two.

The first version of this calculator was written in 1986.
It's still out there on the net [1]. It's come a long way since
then. It's certainly more that 300 lines of code and 1/2MB
in size nowadays.

I'd like to thanks everybody who has helped make [g]calctool
what it is today. See the AUTHORS file in the source
distribution [2] for a potted history.

Rich Burridge        Email: rich burridge Sun COM
Los Altos, CA.      Blog:


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