Creation of a new roadmap for GNOME

Hi all,

There have been some discussions in the past few weeks on how to improve
the GNOME roadmap. The result of those discussions is a new process to
create and maintain a GNOME-wide roadmap.

More details about how this process will work are available at:

In the next few days, all maintainers will receive a mail asking them
some questions about their plans for the modules they're maintaining.
It's really important that maintainers take the time to correctly reply
to this mail. A new team (the Roadmap Gang) will analyse all the
replies, and try to keep only the relevant parts for a GNOME-wide

Not only will we get a roadmap, but this will also help highlight some
of our goals, which should make it easier to know where to put some of
our efforts and what is the direction of our development.

This will also give us roadmaps for each of our modules: this will
hopefully help new contributors know where they can help.

If you're interested in helping with this process, please contact Lucas
and me: we need a few more people in the Roadmap Gang. There's no need
to be a huge contributor, so don't hesitate to step up: only some free
time is required :-)

We hope this will contribute to make GNOME rock even more!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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