Mentors for Summer of Code: Please Register!

You are...

   * A potential mentor for GNOME in this year's Google Summer of Code.

...So you'll probably be wanting to...

   * Read student proposals.
   * Leave questions/comments on student proposals so that the
student can clarify the details.
   * Be involved in the proposal selection process.
   * Get a tee shirt and stuff.

...But before you can do that, you'll need to...

   * Register with Google as a GNOME mentor.

Please visit the following website:

Follow the instructions in the "Registering to Participate in the
Program" section.  And please make sure you remember to put a check in
the box for GNOME!

(NOTE: Due to issues on Google's end, we can't currently accept your
mentor registration.  We expect this to be fixed "soonish".  Please
register ASAP anyway!)

Thanks bunches,

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