Whats coming in GTK+ 2.12, the end

I have certainly forgotten the one or other new feature,
but I'll stop for now. As I said in the beginning, please play
with this stuff, and tell us what you think !


There are a number of new style properties, mostly to allow
better emulation of the native look on Win32. Some of these
might be interesting to theme authors.

The GtkComboBox:arrow-size and GtkComboBox:shadow-type style
properties allow themes to control the size of the arrow
and the shadow around the box.

GtkScrolledWindow can place the scrollbars optionally inside
the bevels. This is controlled by the scrollbars-within-bevels
style property.

The gtk-alternative-sort-arrows setting controls if the down
arrow in a treeview sort column corresponds to the A-Z or
Z-A ordering. The Windows convention is different from the
GTK+ one for this.

For applications, it is sometimes preferable to pick an
alternative icon from the current icon theme, rather than the
original icon from an inherited icon theme. This can avoid
inconsistent looks when icons from different icon themes appear
next to each other. The GtkIconTheme API supports this now,
with the GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_GENERIC_FALLBACK lookup flag and
with the more general gtk_icon_theme_choose_icon() function.

New tooltips

2.12 brings a completely new tooltip implementation which
allows many things that were not possible before. Tooltips
can be placed on insensitive widgets and on treeviews.
They can contain rich markup, or even arbitrary widgets.

The API for this is surprisingly simple, it consists mostly
of the GtkWidget:tooltip-markup property (for simple
text-only tooltips) and the gtk_widget_set_tooltip_window()
function for more complex tooltips.

Miscellaneous other features

Toplevel windows can be made translucent (on a composited
desktop) by setting the GtkWindow:opacity property.

Page setups and print settings can be serialized to a file
and passed to the preview application.

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