Whats coming in GTK+ 2.12, continued

The second mail in this series is about new widget-level features
in GTK+ 2.12.

GtkScaleButton is a simple new widget, a button that
pops up a slider. GtkVolumeButton is a concrete subclass that
configures GtkScaleButton with icons and tooltips suitable for
a volume control, as used in many multimedia applications.

GtkRecentAction is an action that represent a recent-files list.
It can be used to populate a menu or a menutoolbutton.

The GtkRange family of widgets supports the display of
"fill levels" now. This feature is sometimes used to indicate
pre-buffering, e.g. when playing media streams over a slow
connection. This feature is controlled by the properties
GtkRange:fill-level, GtkRange:restrict-to-fill-level and

The progress cell renderer draws its progress bar using
the theme now, so they appear the same as in the progress
bar widget. It also supports "activity mode" (controlled
by the GtkCellRendererProgress:pulse property) and
can position the text non-centered, using the
GtkCellRendererProgress:text-xalign and
GtkCellRendererProgress:text-yalign properties.

GtkTextView can now accumulate margins that are specified
in tags (via GtkTextTag:accumulative-margins, and those
margins can be negative.
GtkTextMarks can be created without reference to a text
buffer, and can be added to and removed from buffers at
a later time. This makes it possible to derive and use
custom mark classes. See gtk_text_mark_new(),

The GtkNotebook API additions in 2.10 for tab DND have
been critizised for not being flexible enough; the numeric
GtkNotebook:group-id property has been superseded by
GtkNotebook:group, and the global
gtk_notebook_set_window_creation_hook() has been superseded
by a GtkNotebook::create-window signal. The DND code has also
been made more flexible to allow applications to e.g. accept
files being dropped on tabs, while still supporting tab DND.

The GtkEntry completion supports a new "inline-selection" mode
that is closer to what one expects in a browser location field.
It allows to cycle through the possible completions inside the
entry. See GtkEntryCompletion:inline-selection property.
GtkEntry can also be set up to scroll a containing widget
automatically if the cursor moves out of the visible area,
by means of gtk_entry_set_cursor_hadjustment().

GtkTreeView has two new properties, GtkTreeView:show-expanders
and GtkTreeView:level-indentation that allow to realize some
treeview styles that were not possible before.

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