GeoClue project started at Boston Summit 2006

Goal: To make the concept of geographical location as common and useful
as the current time. 

GeoClue is a project that provide all kinds of geography information to
an application. This is through a very abstract DBus interface in which
a variety of backends can be used to provide this implementation.
(ip-based geographical mapping, gps, etcetera..) Although we implement a
few reference backends, creating your own is encouraged.

Use cases: There are many. For example:
      * A blog post could be tagged with location.. The
        "hacker map" could show a huge swarm of bees in Birmingham
        during the next guadec...!
      * The weather applet could always show your current weather,
        without having to be reconfigured.
      * Your computer could get its timezone set automatically.
      * Etc etc.. Lots of possibilities.

There's a wiki page here: and we have an
ad-hoc irc channel on, #geoclue - and there's even code
(that probably wont quite yet work, but will soon) in



A: No
Q: Should i quote this on the top?

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