Tomboy Boston Summit 2006 Notes

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The discussion Sunday (since not many people showed up), was a
slideshow of Telepathy followed by a short discussion about how Tomboy
could use Telepathy for collaborating on notes with a group of other
people real-time.

Monday - Hacking

Aaron Bockover
Boyd Timothy
Brad Taylor
David Trowbridge
Jeff Tickle
Jorge Castro
Others were there, my memory is just bad :-\

Discussed some about the different synchronization efforts that have
been talked about and some code produced.  The general consensus there
was that the coolest one to pursue would be one based on Avahi so that
you could at least synchronize your own notes with your own laptop +
desktop.  You'd also be able to share notes with people in a room or
in a meeting.  We started to look at a .NET Remoting + Avahi solution
available in Bugzilla, but didn't have enough time.

Hacked on the following:

- Export all notes to iPod (and eventually keep in sync), Brad Taylor
- Drag-and-drop Bugzilla URLs to a Tomboy note, David Trowbridge
- Drag and drop images into a Tomboy note, Jeff Tickle
- Export to HTML (replace with theme-able TiddlyWiki), Boyd Timothy

(Please submit patches to tomboy-list beatniksoftware com)

Other resources:

- Tomboy has a RoadMap:
- Brainstorming Ideas here:

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