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PS - As a result of the accessibility summit (notes to be posted soon),
more activity will happen on the testing front today.

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At today's Boston 2006 Summit, we held a couple sessions on testing.
The morning session was more of an organizational session where we
defined the problem we were trying to solve and some ideas for how to
get there.  I'm the sucker who raised his hand to suggest this one, so I
got to be the lead for it.  We ended up concluding that the build
brigade folks may have already done some foundational work in this area
and that we should communicate with them before we get too far ahead of

The notes (for review 'cause they may not be complete or accurate) are
available at: http://live.gnome.org/TestingUsingAtSpi.  Many thanks to
Peter Korn for being scribe.  Peter - my apologies if my edits were bad.

The afternoon session (chaired by Dave Malcom[?]) provided a good
overview of where Dogtail is and the types of things one can and cannot
do with it.  I'll leave it to Dave to write up the notes for that
one.  :-)  I also believe there will be a hacking session tomorrow to
look at various things, such as the patches submitted to jhbuild to
integrate testing.

For people who attended the morning session, please feel free to
augment/edit the WIKI page. 


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