gnome-vfs bonobo change - HEADS UP

I just commited a change that moved some of the functions in libgnomevfs
to libbonobo. This is a binary compatible change, since all previously
built applications using gnome-vfs also link to libbonobo (due to
gnome-vfs linking to it). 

The main functions are gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_component and
gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_components, and they are basically only used by
evolution at this point. The declaration of the functions are still in
the gnome-vfs headers, but they are also availible as
bonobo_activation_get_default_component_for_mime_type and
bonobo_activation_get_all_components_for_mime_type if you don't want to
force your bonobo application to use gnome-vfs.

There is one minor API issue with this change. The gnome-vfs header used
to include <bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-server-info.h>, but it
doesn't do this by default anymore (to avoid a build requirement for
gnome-vfs). Applications using these APIs also use bonobo calls
directly, so its likely that they already include this themselves (evo
does). If they don't they have to either add this include or define
GNOME_VFS_INCLUDE_BONOBO to make the gnome-vfs header do it.

This minor problem is unfortunate, but I think its very unlikely to
cause any real issues, and its IMHO well worth the advantages of being
able to put gnome-vfs on a sane position in the gnome platform stack.

Oh, and another thing. The gnome-vfs monikers have been split out into a
separate module, "gnome-vfs-monikers". We need to add that to the
platform to keep backwards compatibility.

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