Subversion migration reminder


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Fri 29th December. I will be making
GNOME CVS read-only at around 23:59 GMT. I expect the migration to take
around 48 hours, although the more popular modules will be available as
subversion repositories within the first few hours of the migration.

The order in which the migration is to be run can be seen here:

Please note that the last 89 modules on that list haven't seen a commit
in the last 3 years (according to bonsai), so are very likely no longer
maintained, out-of-date or whatever. If anyone can confirm any of these
are redundant, please contact 'support gnome org' with the details so
they can be archived. Thanks.

Also, a note to all developers/maintainers of modules that use CVS's
'modules' feature to include parts of other modules into a checkout
(i.e. the 'macros' directory). 'cvs2svn' doesn't migrate CVSROOT/modules
to 'svn:external's, and it doesn't seem to be something that can be
automated, so it'll be up to the maintainers to add these themselves as
required after the migration, or to decide on alternative ways of doing
things, such as packaging the dependencies (e.g. libbackground)
separately or whatever. There is more information and an example usage
of 'svn propset' under 'External links' on the wiki page:

Any questions, please contact 'gnome-infrastructure gnome org'.



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