GNOME subversion migration


Sorry, I sent this to gnome-hackers, but I should have sent this here too...

I'm happy with the latest test results and would like to propose a new
migration cut-off date:

Friday December 29th 2006 at 23:59UTC.

This is much shorter notice than I would really like to have given (I
was hoping to announce this last week), but this is the best date I can
come up with, given the holes in GNOME's schedule and my own. If anyone
can come up with a show-stopper problem before then, I'll happily
postpone again but we may not have another good chance for many months
after that. I'm confident that there won't be any serious problems this
time, but if anyone considers this *too* short notice, please suggest a
more suitable date.

The only thing I can see that might bite a few people will be the
'CVSROOT/modules' vs 'svn:externals' issue. This is not something that
can be done automatically before/during the migration AFAICS, so if you
are the maintainer of a module that relies on CVSROOT/modules, please
read the docs a bit, perhaps experiment a little with the
'svn:externals' properties on and consider how you
want your module to work. You may decide 'svn:externals' isn't
appropriate and wish to do things another way (for example, see Please share
your thoughts and findings.

Other than that, my latest notes can be found here:

I'm already pretty sure there aren't going to be any real show-stoppers
this time and, so provided there aren't any problems with the proposed
new cut-off date I'm looking forward to being able to hack on GNOME in
2007 with a better revision control system  :)



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