We want your new modules for inclusion in GNOME 2.14!


According to the fantastic 2.13 schedule, exciting proposals of cool new
modules for a true inclusion in GNOME 2.14 can start on fabulous next
Monday. Well, I guess it's totally possible to send an exciting
proposal starting right now.

Proposing a cool new module is really easy. You just need to send an
enthusiast mail to the great desktop-devel-list (and cc the respectable
release-team, I suppose) and add your cool new module to the fascinating
proposed modules list on the beautiful wiki page of the corresponding
gorgeous moduleset. For example, for the lovely Desktop moduleset, you'll
have to modify this beautiful wiki page:

A useful document to help you know the not-so-hard requirements for cool
new module is available at:

For more magnificent informations about 2.13, the full charming schedule
and the delightful official module lists, please see our new shiny 2.13
page on the friendly wiki:


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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