Announcing gnome-doc-utils

Announcing gnome-doc-utils 0.1, "New Roman Times"

The first release of gnome-doc-utils is now available for your testing
pleasure.  This package contains a number of utilities for working with
GNOME documentation.  Notably, this includes:

  Build Utilities
    Clean and powerful utilities for building, checking, and installing
    documentation for GNOME applications.

    Danilo's wonderful tool for translating documentation with po files.
    The build utilities are set up to take full advantage of xml2po.

  DocBook Stylesheets
    The DocBook XSLT stylesheets that once lived in Yelp.  These have
    been cleaned up and made more suitable for general-purpose use.
    Yelp in CVS HEAD is already making use of these.

You can get gnome-doc-utils here:

Share and enjoy.


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