GNOME 2.9.1 Tarballs Due, November 1st

Good morning hackers...

                        ... and welcome to the GNOME 2.9 development series!

We're back in the thick of hacking action, at the start of another release
process. What lies in store for 2.9? As usual, we'll find out, all in good
time. :-) The first hints at what is to come will be revealed next week in
the first release in this series: 2.9.1. HOORAY!

For module maintainers, that means tarballs are due on Monday! For everyone
else, that means lots of building and testing on Wednesday. :-)

New module proposals are already underway on desktop-devel-list - we're in
full swing! The 2.9 website <> has the full
release schedule already, and will list the new module proposals soon (or,
right after I send this email) on each suite page.

Rock. And. Roll. :-)


- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia
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