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Hello Nagappan,

Thanks for the fix. I had already fixed it, but was pending to push to SVN.

In my case, instead of importing everything (which should be avoided), I did:
from desktoptesting.check import FileComparison, FAIL

and the rest as your solution.

I pushed the changes back to the trunk.


Nagappan A wrote:
Hello all,

Looks like the gedit code fails to log the status. Fixed with the attached patch.

Index: gedit/
--- gedit/    (revision 4)
+++ gedit/    (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 from time import time, gmtime, strftime
from desktoptesting.gnome import GEdit
-from desktoptesting.check import FileComparison
+from desktoptesting.check import *
try: @@ -29,15 +29,15 @@
     elapsed = stop_time - start_time
testcheck = FileComparison(oracle, test_file)
-    check = testcheck.perform_test()
+    status = testcheck.perform_test()
ldtp.log (str(elapsed), 'time') - if check == desktoptesting.check.FAIL:
+    if status == FAIL:
         ldtp.log ('Files differ.', 'cause')
         ldtp.log ('Files differ.', 'error')
-except ldtp.LdtpExecutionError, msg:
+except ldtp.LdtpExecutionError:


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