Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] Selecting an area Gnome-Screenshot

Hello Michael,

I have done drag and drop automation in VMware Workstation. Transferring files from host to guest. I will share the code on Monday. Today heading out of town (right now). Just ping me, if you don't get reply from me on Monday.

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Subject: [gnome-desktop-testing] Selecting an area Gnome-Screenshot

Gnome screenshot allows you to take a picture of an area of the screen.  After you click 'Take Screenshot' you drag a box on the area of the screen you want.

I thought I might be able to generate a drag but there is no api in either LDTP or AT-SPI (There is a SPI_generatemousevent but it only does clicks and moves).

My options seem to be
a) Change gnome-screenshot to support using the keyboard to select an area
b) Change at-spi/ldtp to support sending drag events.

Neither of these are good options.  I will probably abandon testing the area capture.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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