Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] Desktop Testing @ next UDS

Ara Pulido wrote:
> Hello mates,
> I was wondering how many people on the list are attending Karmic UDS
> [1].
> The list that comes to my mind is:
> thekorn
> jcollado
> eeejay
> ara (myself)
> Anybody else? Jason, are you coming?
> I think that this could be a great opportunity to talk (and get things
> done) on this project and make GNOME and Ubuntu testing rock even
> harder.
> What do you think about the possibility on setting a small track on
> these topics? Maybe setting half a day working on these things? 
I just joined the list and just starting to take a look at this, but I
will be at UDS and would like to be involved in this as well.

Paul Larson

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