Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] Missing path when running ./bin/desktop-testing


if I am developing, let say, a new testsuite for seahorse, and I need to
change desktoptesting/ (or desktoptesting/ if we
change the structure to that), do I have to run buildout again?


On Mon, 2009-04-27 at 15:34 +0200, markus korn wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry, I did not know about this list so far, so I'm a bit late on
> replying to the questions about buildout.
> * why buildout?
> There are basically two solutions to run a python library/a python
> application in an isolated environment or in development mode,
> virtualenv and buildout. Both solutions have their pros and cons, but
> in my opinion the biggest advantage of buildout is that is more than a
> development environment and you can put all necessary files under VC
> in the project itself. As Javier said `buildout.cfg` and
> `` are the only additional files which have to be added.
> In addition to the development environment you can use a configuration
> of buildout to:
>     *  find and run tests, for example by using the nosetest framework
>     * automatically create documentation and API docs by using sphinx
> * what changes are necessary?
> As mentioned earlier we have to add `buildout.cfg` and ``.
> Also we have to configure VC to ignore the files and directories
> created by buildout. If we would like to have the testrunner tool in
> buildout-bin we should also split the main function out of
> bin/*-desktop-test so that we can define an entry point for this
> function. buildout does not necessarily depend on setuptools, it is
> fine to use distutils, because buildout does not create .eggs. When
> you decide to switch over to buildout, you should think about changing
> the structure a bit, like:
>     desktoptesting/
>         src/
>             testsuites/
>                 gedit/*
>                 seahorse/*
>                 [put testsuites for other apps here]
>             bin/
>                 [cmd-line tool to run testcases]
>             desktoptesting/
>                 utils/
>                 ldtp_abstraction/
>                     gnome/
>                         [abstraction for each application]
>                     ubuntu/
>                         [abstraction for ubuntu related apps]
>                 testing_framework/
>                     [modules containing TestRunner/TestSuite etc.
>                      which are now in bin/]
>             tests/
>                 [tests for desktoptesting]
>             docs/
>                 [.rst files describing desktoptesting]
>         debian/*
>         _bootstrap/
>             COPYRIGHT
> -> _bootstrap/
>         buildout.cfg
>         README
>         HACKING
>         COPYRIGHT
>         TODO
> (this is not necessary at the first place and should possibly be a
> topic for a different discussion)
> I hope this answers you questions,
> Markus
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