Re: gnome-internet-radio-locator 12.0.8 Updated PKGBUILD

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 9:17 PM ole <install-module master gnome org> wrote:
About GNOME Internet Radio Locator

GNOME Internet Radio Locator is a Free Software program that allows
you to easily locate Free Internet Radio stations by broadcasters on
the Internet with the help of map and text search.  GNOME Internet
Radio Locator is developed on the GNOME desktop platform and it
requires at least GStreamer 1.0 for playback.  Enjoy Free Internet



        * AUTHORS: Add Luming Zh (Chinese translation)
        * THANKS: Add Luming Zh (Chinese translation)

======== (640K)
  sha256sum: 6d03ea3ee2cf62f82a38fecab764e2e4e3e6a5b8e8d7ebb819eefacddfb1bd7f

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