Asking for OCRFeeder maintainers

Hey there!

I have been neglecting OCRFeeder for a long while now, having only a very small number of contributions a year, and when those happen, they sit for a while in Gitlab until I get time to review them.

OCRFeeder's code/architecture is terrible (from my University years; hopefully I got better since) and would deserve a lot of rewriting but I honestly have no bandwidth or interest in developing it further. At the same time, having the program just stalled feels a bit like an unfinished book (maybe not a page turner but still, you get the idea :) ).

Yet, I have failed to have ever had an official call for maintainers (I did ask a small number of people directly but there was no interest). So here it is: if you (or anyone you know) wants to maintain OCRFeeder, please let me know!

I can provide some guidance to help smooth the process (if needed).

If there is no interest from anyone, then maybe the logical thing to do is to archive the project (even if it saddens me).

Thank you to Andre Klapper for raising this issue and prompting me to take action in this regard.

Joaquim Rocha

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