lets bring gnome to strictly userspace based variants of linux

Dear specialists,
    My name is Janusz Chmiel. And I would like to kindly suggest yours team, if it would be possible to extend Gnome desktop environment so it would be possible to run this excellent desktop environment on userspace variants of Linux. So in situations, where connection to system Bus is not available, because real Linux kernel and dependent Linux services are not available.
I do not see at all, and because Gnome is The onlyone official Linux desktop environment which contain The latest accessibility infrastructure, I would like to allow also Linux users who do not see to use this desktop also on strictly userspace variants of Linux.
To speak clearly.
I AM running Android 8.0 with Termux Android app. I AM running Proot Termux app which uses backtrace to monitor system calls so Linux distro can run on Android device. I AM using X11 protocol and VNC protocol. To interact with X11 sessions, I AM running Android app BVNC PRO. Since its build in keyboard support is The best to control Orca screen reader.
But because Proot do not run real Linux kernel, I can not run Qemu on non rooted Android device so fast that it would bring usable speed and enough fast Linux operating system. I would had to run Kqemu kernel module which is illusion on non rooted Android system.
So I AM helpless to use system Bus. Gnome-session and unfortunately Gnome-shell need to have access to The system bus.
How complex would be to extend The Gnome source code so it would be also possible to run it without connection to The system Bus?
Is it possible to change compilation and build scripts for Gnome so I would be able to simply run Gnome-session and all run-time errors related to The errors connect to system bus would be only displaied and all Gnome modules would run without severe stability issues?
Sure. The best would be to extend Gnome-session and other Gnome parts including gnome-shell so it would be possible to run Gnome with no need to use The connection to The system bus at all.
The question is.
If this approach would not degradate complex C language routines which have been developed by yours professional team.
I Am very sorry that I have intruded you with this idea.
If somebody would have A good will to debate about my idea atleast outside of this professional mailing list, I will be very nicely impressed.
I Am really appreciating yours complex programmers work. But I can not develop fast Qemu which would run Linux OS so fast like Qemu which uses Kqemu Linux kernel module. I would had to be absolvent of some prestige university on USA. To develop such revolutionar code.
Thank you very much for yours kind access to my plea.
With The kindness regards and with The deepest possible appreciation to yours professional team.
Janusz Chmiel

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