Re: one desktop, two people, two keyboards and mice

Hey Richard,

If I understood correctly, then the definition you are looking for is
called *multi-seat* (where a "seat" represents a mouse/keyboard/...).

First things first: unless something recently changed, I don't think
multi-seat is supported in any Wayland compositor, so you'll have to
fall back to X for now.

Next, I'm not an expert on this, but apart from some Google searching,
these pages seem to be quite helpful in your journey (especially
depending on your distro):


Good luck!


On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 8:09 PM Richard Henwood via desktop-devel-list
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Hi All,

I have a large monitor, and I would like to use my computer with my child. My vision is for me and my child 
to have our own keyboards and mice. I imagine working away on 'my side' of the screen, while they are 
working on their side. Occasionally, I will 'reach across' and help them with what they are working on.

I think libinput is part of the solution here. I added two mice it roughly worked but there are mice cursor 
artifacts. I guess that GNOME or possibly Wayland also needs some concept of multiple simultaneous inputs? 
I am on an Ubuntu 18.04 distro, so may be things have improved with more recent releases?

So, in short, does anyone have any pointers or suggestions for me to follow-up with?

best regards,
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