Too hard to get org.gnome.Sdk.Debug from flathub

I'm trying to debug a crash in libsecret when using 3.36 runtime on
Fedora 32 Beta in Flatpak, with an application from (that
application being org.gnome.Evolution). My idea was to download the
.Debug parts, to see where exactly it crashes. It was no problem for
Evolution itself, but there is no such thing for org.gnome.Platform.
There is something for org.gnome.Sdk, from which I guess it contains
bits also for the Platform. The flatpak claims to download 3.6GB, which
is a lot, my bandwidth is limited, thus it takes a lot of time. I'd run
it in the background, but I never got that far, or anywhere close to
the 3.6GB, which makes it impossible to download the data for me. The
worst it doesn't stop at the same place, I've no idea what the
condition for the failure is. The server just returns 503. This failure
could be fine, if flatpak was able to continue the download, but it's
not. See the transcript from the terminal for my recent attempts [1].

My question is: is there anything one can do to get to those bits, or
it's just a lost battle? Maybe, could the .Debug be split into smaller
parts, thus it's bearable when the download fails (due to the server

I think there had been some similar issue with curl or something, which
caused various errors on download, but I do not recall any detail. On
the other hand, this is Fedora 32 Beta, thus quite recent bits. Aka
should be fixed there.

        Thanks and bye,


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