Re: Changes to GitLab runners configuration

On 28/02/2020 15.17, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Please revert the runner changes until you have time to fix this. Our CI
has been basically unusable all week and that blocks flatpak pushes.

All issues with user namespaces on gcc* runners should be resolved by
now. It slipped my mind to set it persistently in sysctl.conf and
runners were rebooted right after I left for vacation.

On 03/03/2020 06.41, Philip Chimento via desktop-devel-list wrote:
I have little knowledge of this problem space so I don't even know whereto start to debug this. Is this the 
same privileges problem as "bwrap: Creating new namespace failed" described earlier in the thread, or is it 
something different?
Also, has anyone successfully gotten a CI job that uses lsan or asan to
work in the unprivileged setup? (See my previous question about

I've poked around yesterday and it's apparently not as trivial to run
buildah unprivileged in a container as it was the last time I tried. I
don't see better way than tagging jobs privileged at the moment.

I can apply a custom seccomp profile if that helps, but someone has to
write it.


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