Release notes for 3.36!

Hi all,

The UI freeze is next week[1]. Please start to think about the time you
spent on your modules this release cycle. Even if it doesn't directly
align with a new feature, the effort spent on a module is definitely
worth incorporating into the release notes.

We have an open issue[2] for collecting release notes material. If you
have an issue or MR in Gitlab that summarizes the changes made to a
module, please mention Teams/Engagement/release-notes#18.

Here is a comment you can copy and paste into your issues.

@subpop: this issue contains a feature that might be of interest
for the release notes. Please take a look!

It is good to know about small changes as well as large ones, and it
isn't always the features that require a lot of work that are
interesting. More information is always better than less.




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