Moving gdk-pixbuf-xlib out of gdk-pixbuf

Hi all;

tl;dr: the gdk-pixbuf-xlib deprecated shared library now lives in its own, archived repository available at:

If you're explicitly enabling X11 support in gdk-pixbuf in your builds and/or packages and distributing the additional shared library, you should build the library found in that repository instead.


GdkPixbuf was split off from the main GTK repository, in 2010, and it provided two main shared libraries:


The latter contains various functions to integrate GdkPixbuf with Xlib data types, and some unnamespaced convenience API the likes of which we won't mention.

The build and installation of gdk-pixbuf-xlib is gated on a configuration option, to allow building GdkPixbuf on platforms that do not support X11. In general, the whole gdk-pixbuf-xlib API is considered deprecated, as it literally depends on and exposes Xlib data types.

In order to remove the dependencies on windowing system API in what ostensibly is an image loading library, I've moved the gdk-pixbuf-xlib API into its own repository. I've maintained as much history as possible, and the build artefacts are identical, so it's a matter of creating a new package for your Linux distribution and/or adding the repository to your dependencies. The gdk-pixbuf-xlib dependencies are:

 - gdk-pixbuf
 - xlib
 - gtk-doc, for the API reference

There's no introspection data, because of the explicit use of Xlib data types.

I'll do a release of the library for the next GNOME release, and I'm happy to keep it in deep maintenance mode if people have outstanding patches lying around.



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