Good read from a new GNOME user

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If we can all take a quick break from discussing Git branch naming, I came across this users' review of GNOME 3.32 after using it for the first time, and I thought he had a pretty well thought out set of criticisms.

Now, none of what this user is saying is news to any of us, but I think this is a very good example of the new user experience with GNOME. Managing the GNOME subreddit, Twitter, and Facebook pages, I continually see these same arguments brought up time and time again (literally countless times), and perhaps it might be a good exercise to go down the list and re-justify and reconsider our stance on the issues brought up in this list. 

While it might seem a waste of time to go through these points one by one, and even if it is decided to change nothing, at the very least those of us on the Engagement team will be better equipped to explain to our users our stance on these points. On the other hand, perhaps collectively our stance has changed on some of these core concepts, and maybe it's time to set the ground work for some usability changes.

We have built A LOT of good will with our community and the broader ecosystem with 3.32, with it being generally regarded (based purely on user interactions and not qualitative surveying) as a huge success. Hopefully we can keep that ball rolling to try to hit the pain points one at a time. Because, sadly, these pain points ARE real, and they need to be addressed in some way, shape, or form.

I'd be nice to know which items are 1) definitely not going to change, 2) are open to change pending the manpower to enact it, or 3) are actively being changed in the near future.

Cheers everyone!


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