Re: I believe we should reconsider our sys-tray removal

On Mon, 25 Mar 2019 at 16:15, <mcatanzaro gnome org> wrote:

The dash seems like it might be a safer place to put things
than allowing applications to clutter the precious top bar.

Like every other solution for placing stuff into the overview, this fails to take into account menus created by status icons; the stacking of override-redirect windows (i.e. menus) inside the overview, coupled with grabs, is never going to work correctly.

Additionally, it fails to answer the question as to what happens when an application raises its window while we're still inside the overview.

The tray notification has specific constraints that are caused by being a component designed in 2004. These constraints cannot be magicked away because they are encoded in how the whole thing works. If we change the terms of the problem—introduce new API, change the behaviour of the tray or of the status icons embedded into it—then we'll need to change all the applications that use it, and we still won't solve the problem of the existing tray icons being crap technology from 15 years ago.



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