[GitLab] Some changes and updates

Hi all,

We have made a few changes recently that might be of interest:

* All GNOME developers (gnomecvs LDAP group) have now reporter access to Teams/Translation, so you are free to move issues between GNOME/ and Translation/.

* Abuse reports now go to a shared private mailing list where me and the CoC committee are part of. Previously they were directed only to me. Note that this list is only for GitLab abuse reports, and as before I have no access to anything else from the CoC committee.

* We have cleaned up inactive accounts that never had any activity. From 15 000 users we have reduced to 10000, most of the removed accounts were fake, others unused. This will help us have a smoother tooling in various automations. If you find something wrong in this clean up contact Andrea Veri or me, there are back ups ready.

Since Andrea is right now hands on GitLab stuff it's a good time to discuss any policy change or automation you have in mind, simply let us know about those and we can discuss them.

Also, later today GitLab 11.9 will be officially announced, so feel free to keep an eye on https://about.gitlab.com/blog/categories/releases/ to see the new nice features & fixes coming.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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